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  1. I have recently bought new car and its successfully modified(Semi automatic clutch’ ,Hand operated break & Hand operated accelerator)
    by Shree Vari Engineering ,
    I am personally very much satisfied with Shree Vari product and more over their doing best services to the physically challenged People.

  2. I had my A-Star (AT) fitted with hand controls from Shree Vari Engg last year. The design is excellent. It is very easy to operate without compromising on effective controls. I am grateful to Mr.Shankar for this excellent product.

  3. I have modified my Alto K10 car with Shree Vari Engg. Work on Feb ‘2012. From my first day meet with them, I feel more comfort and satisfied with their best efforts to drive my car by my own. Still this day I feel more comfortable and confidence while at my driving because of their best effort is there. I trust them a lot and surely recommend to others.

  4. hi iam ramgopal,
    Liberated this is the word I would use if you ask me how you feel.
    Until 2009 even to go a short distance the transportation was a big problem I would think , hesitate and finally decide against travel.
    Once shankar sir converted my car and made it drivable by me, I felt liberated and now there is no hesitation but only freedom , I have traveled around 50,000 km. all over south india.
    I owe all this to shanker sir and his auto-clutch mechanism.

    All power to shanker sir, his dedication and work is really admirable.
    His noble work should reach as many differently enabled person as possible. May god be with him.

    with regards

  5. Hi,
    I am Senthil.I am Physically Chalanged both Leg.Recently i Modified My Car Ritz VDI with retro Fitment and Automated Cluth.Its Very User Friendly and Comport.i Have Driving License and Valid Insurance.

    Thanks for Shanker.

  6. Hi, this is nagarajan , Sangar sir modified my pulsed bike 9 years back. It is amazing to use. Still am using same bike with out any fault. Really thinking you Sangar sir.

  7. My name is V. KARTHIKEYAN working as Income Tax officer at Chennai. I am a person with post polio paralysis of both legs. Right from my college days I was very much interested in driving a Car. Due to my disability till May, 2015 I was using only Activa with additional two wheels. During April, 2005, through my collegue Mr. Suriyanarayanan, I came to know about Mr. Shankar and Shree VAri Engineering Works, the only authorized retrofitment centre in Chennai who coverts the cars according to the needs of the differently abled persons. I have done retrofitment to my Swift Dzire Automatic Car with them and now like normal persons I am personally driving my Car. Thanks to Shri Shankar Sir of Shri Vari Engineering Works, I am able to take my family for all events/functions and weekends outings. Mr. Shankar is a noble man for the noble cause, an interesting man to talk with , a sincere person to handover our work, a friendly personality. A man who has retrofitted aroung 480 cars in last four years.

  8. Hi All,

    I am vignesh. s and I modified my WagonR Manual with Shankar sir on 2011. I presume, it will be within the first set of cars he modified. It was a great retro fitment, which helped me to be more independent. I really thank him for his extended support. Soon, i will buy my new CAR and will give it to him for the Retro fitment. Looking forward for your help sir.

  9. Dear All,
    This Simon from chennai, my first CAR (estilo) during 2011 which was retro-fitted by M/s.Shree Vari Engg Works, i had enjoyed the driving with more comfortable throughout 5 years. so my sincere thanks to Sh.Shankar for his dedication towards this retro fittings in safer ,reliable & adaptable manner. Now i booked my second Car of HONDA Amaze (AT) which also yet to be retro fitted by Shree Vari Engg. Interestingly now almost every RTO’s in chennai are well aware of Shree Vari Engg Works & they directing disabled people to touch with Shree Vari Engg. so the people with disability who can fearlessly approach with Shree vari engg work for their retro fittings & enjoy the dream of DRIVING along family …

  10. We came to know about Mr Shankar from a friend and met him 3 months back. My bro uses calipers to walk as his legs were affected by polio. We had a good talk with Mr Shankar and he suggested us a car based on our budget. Till then we were not knowing about the govt subsidy for the cars that is registered under differently abled. He guided us very well and we have taken a CELERIO ZXi AMT (O) at the price lesser that the ON ROAD PRICE (Tax is exempted for differently abled people).
    Today, we have given our car to him for retro fitment. He makes us understand even the mechanism in the car and explains in detail about the work he will be doing in the car
    He builts courage and confidence to the person who is going to drive

  11. I am Sankar, working in IT @ Chennai. This Month [ May-04-2017 ], I got my car [ Wagon R – Vxi -AMT ] , retrofitted by Mr. Shankar from Shree Vari Eng Works , both Accelerator & Brake – modified for hand control. He not only altered the car but also gave a training on how to handle that Machine [ :) ] . This man is really awesome. I feel very excited when i drive by myself alone. Very Exciting… When i went to meet him, i didn’t get a enough time to sit with him, but i realized by seeing from my eyes like , Mr Shankar is very busy with lot of alteration works against various cars. Way to go Sir…

    My Personal & Sincere thanks to you Mr. Shankar….

  12. Am Prabhakaran, a paraplegic because of an accident in 2001. I have always wanted to drive a car but i was skeptical about the same due to my limited mobility in both my legs.
    I came across Shree Vari Engineering works website for modifying the car to suit my disability. When i contacted Mr.Shankar, he was kind enough to explain how i can go about purchasing a car and to drive it myself. I have purchased a Baleno Zeta AT variant and Mr.Shankar has successfully customized the vehicle to suit my needs. Mr.Shankar and his family is carrying out great service to the neglected part of the mankind.
    May God bless him and his family with all the prosperity

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