FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. I’m physically challenged . My both my legs will not work. Can I drive a car?
Yes. It is possible in any car. We have suitable solutions for (ie) hand operated cluth, hand operated break, hand operated accelerator. We will even provide you training.


2. I have lost my leg lower lim on accident. Can I drive a car?

Fine. Your problem can be solved by adapting Semi Automatic Cluth to your car. It is touch sensor based computerized clutch. Your cluthing portion will be done automatically in a efficient and smooth manner other wise you have to by an automatic transmission.


3. Right Leg ampirated.  Can I drive a car?

Yes. You shall to adopt hand operated break and accelerator kit. It will be effective, smooth and stylish.


4. Im physically challenged not having my left upper arm. What should I do to drive a car and to get license?

Yes. Possible you can drive any automatic transmission car, with minimum additional kits like automatic power operated hand break, automatic wiper control and of course seat jacket with these adoption you should approach registering authorities to get license.


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