Why us

Our Company & Product Features

  • 15 years of experience in customizing LMV(Car) for physically challenged of all class of deformities.
  • Government approved Retro-fitment center for physically challenged in LMV
  • After customization register your car Invalid Carrier, Claiming License with Registering authorities and insurance will not be denied.
  • Through personal discussion regarding customization with every individual is must.
  • Physicall dimention (i.e) size of the controls and load to be applied on to that will be according to the viability of an individual.
  • No alteration in the basic future of the car controls only retro fitments.
  • very durable, reliable, efficient and low maintenance.
  • Customized fittings will not be a disturbance to the normal driving mode.
  • Strong, smooth and stylish fittings will not.
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